My first camera, a Kodak Box, was presented to me by my auntie at the age of 13. This sparked a lifelong passion for photography in me. At the age of 17, I joined Autria´s most successful camera club known as ´KAMERA KLUB LINZ´. This strongly influenced my photographic style which led me to participate in about fifty different international photography exhibitions. During my studies at university, I had the opportunity to work as a press-photographer. Professional and private reasons forced me to give up photography, I had no darkroom anymore, I was running out of storage place for all the photos caputred all over the years. However, with great honour the AUSTRIAN NATIONAL LIBRARY has included all my photographs, cataloges from exhibitions etc. into their collections.
In 2011, some years after my retirement, now in the digital age, I have restarted photography again following my own style and not anymore participating in competitions. My main interest lies in people, events, street-photography and landscape. I am happy that I could join KAMERA KLUB LINZ again in 2019.
In my eyes, black and white photography is the real skill, color photography is easier.

I have always admired paintings and great artists all my life. As a young child, I have grabed a pencil and a paper to unfold whatever images that came to my mind. Sometimes, these artwork was a ´wow´ factor to my family and friends. Yet, I always have thought my work was not good enough and I have just thrown them away. I wish at times, I would have had the opportunity for any formal training to develop this interest.
However, some years ago my husband encouraged and challenged me to try some serious painting with pencils and later with acrylic colours. He bought the necessary tools for me to pick up this long buried interest in me. Now, you can see the results of this new journey that I have embarked on. It´s a simple love for art, combined with the expressions of one's inner self that every one who sees it, will immensely enjoy and find a way to relate to it in a most personal way.

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